2020 LMBA Season Update

The LMBA Executive Board has been carefully monitoring the pandemic over the past few months, and in particular how it is affecting decisions around athletics, school districts and ultimately the marching activity within our communities.

The Lakeshore Marching Band Association exists to provide a positive and educational experience for marching band students and staff members. While it is not our right to dictate what programs ARE and ARENíT allowed to do on your campus, the Executive Board feels strongly that we have a responsibility to provide guidance and leadership when it comes to the activity.

After waiting several months to allow for the situation in Pennsylvania to improve, we have determined that at this time schools cannot safely host any of our regularly scheduled events this season. Please understand that while this may seem like a slow decision, this was in reality a patient and hopeful mentality for the students, families and programs of our region.

It is also important to note that the LMBA will be working on potential alternative performance opportunities. This is NOT to cancel all marching band activities at every school. We are hoping that many marching bands can continue to function safely within the guidelines of their district school system. Furthermore, we hope this can alleviate the stress of preparing an LMBA Competition, thus allowing directors to focus on musical skills and team building that may have been missed in the final 9 weeks of the spring 2020 semester.

We will find strength in our communities. The LMBA Executive Board is thankful for the continued support and positivity shown by our directors, staff members, students and fans. During a time when it is quick to criticize, blame and react negatively, we are grateful for the love and compassion that our communities continue to show towards each other.

The LMBA Executive Board

LMBA NEWS - June 18, 2021

2019 LMBA Champions
Congratulations to the 2019 LMBA Champions:

Seneca - Class A
Cochranton - Class AA
North East - Class AAA
McDowell - Open Class

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