The Lakeshore Marching Band Association (LMBA) was formed on January 13, 1985 for the purpose of scheduling and regulation of band events in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The aims of the LMBA are to foster and promote participation in such events and to encourage good sportsmanship, integrity and fairness toward fellow competitors, adjudicators and all others affiliated with the LMBA.

The main goal of the LMBA and its member band directors is to promote and foster music education through the medium of the pageantry arts. Part of a well-rounded education for students is learning sportsmanship in a competitive setting.

The LMBA sportsmanship statement (which is read at the beginning of each class of competition) states: The Lakeshore Marching Band Association asks that all spectators consider the time and effort that each of the young participants here today have put forth to represent his/her school. The purpose of LMBA Competitions is to provide positive learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth for the participants, directors and staff, and the Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges. Spectators can – and are expected to – assist in the promotion and achievement of good sportsmanship ideals by taking personal responsibility for keeping this event at a high level of fair, clean, and wholesome competition. Good luck to all our participating bands!

In addition, the following is printed in each program at every LMBA sponsored event: Welcome to today’s Lakeshore Marching Band Association Competition. Your paid or complimentary admission to this event entitles you to enjoy an exhibition of skills developed by the students in an educational setting. Please give these students your positive encouragement and support. Booing, taunting, or intimidating the directors, band members, members of the Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges, host school music booster members, or other spectators is unfriendly and unacceptable. Please help us make this event an enjoyable experience for all those involved.

Please note that included with the idea of sportsmanship is respecting not only the participating band directors that make up the membership of the LMBA, but also the professional judging association (Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges, or PFCJ) hired to adjudicate our students. LMBA policy states that it the responsibility of the member directors to communicate with the LMBA Executive Council regarding grievances against other member bands or the PFCJ. The LMBA Executive Council will then review said grievances and administer any action required to rectify said grievances.

It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct for any staff member, band parent, booster member, or community member to directly contact any member of the PFCJ, or the LMBA other than their own local director regarding issues with judging, scoring, placement, or LMBA procedures. All grievances must go through the local band director who will then file a formal complaint to the LMBA Executive Council.

Please remember that LMBA competitions are a means by which we educate our students to become better musicians, performers, and human beings. This includes not only the celebration of the many, many accomplishments of our students, but learning how to appropriately handle disappointment as well. Your band directors are trained professionals who are working diligently to make your children the best they can be in all that they do. Please do not allow poor sportsmanship to affect the positive experiences your band directors and the LMBA are trying to provide for your children.

Thank you for your continued support of your children, our students, your band directors, and the LMBA.
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